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Ufuatao hapa chini ni mchango wa mtanzania mwenzetu Judah Semali kuhusu kupunguza ama kuondosha kero ya usafiri dar es salaa. Nimeinyofoa hii kutoka mtandao wa WANABIDII.Miaka mitano tu iliyopita hali haikuwa ya hatari kama ilivyo leo. Hebu fikiria miaka 10 tu ijayo kama hakuna vichwa vya kuamua haraka nini cha kufanya hali itakuwaje. Hebu na tuone mchango wake huu:-

If we want to get rid of the traffic woes in Dar es Salaam roads we need to be more creative and innovative, than using excessive resources which could cause more harm to the economy.

First Option:

The Government should encourage organizations in the private sector which are paying VAT to purchase/import between two to seven minibuses free of charge (No import tax, VAT or any taxes to be levied for the minibuses) so that employees may use the vehicles when coming and going back to work. The employer will agree with employees on the best ways to manage the routes efficiently and effectively as well as operations costs.

The best example is the way BoT, Tanzania Road Haulage and Swissport manages its staff minibuses on daily basis. If this is implemented successful, we are sure of removing more than 200,000 vehicles in the road during peak hours.

For example:

32 Banks each with average of 200 employees in DSM, 75% having vehicles it means
nearly 5000 vehicles will be removed from the road during peak hours.

Telecom companies with more than 4,000 staff at DSM only, 80% having vehicles, it means about 3,200 vehicles will be removed from the road during peak hours

If the Government ministries and its agencies like (TRA with more than 3000 staff in DSM, TPA with more than 500 staff in Dar) will also do the same, it means that, in no time there will no longer be traffic jams during week days.

NOTE: The traffic jam in DSM is also contributed by many Government vehicles. To prove this point, let's watch the number of vehicles on the road during the budget week when many Government officials are in Dodoma. It hardly take 10 minutes to drive from Mwenge junction to Salander Bridge or even city centre. Thats why i keep on insisting that, the Government should also purchase the minibuses to discourage its staff from using private vehicles.

Flyovers usually lessen the burden of transport conundrum

Second Option:

If we want to get rid of the traffic jams in the city, we need to construct the so called New Dar Es Salaam. I found this type of construction in Luanda Angola. People are being evacuated in phases, and construction of high rising buildings, four lanes tarmac roads in between the buildings and many other important infrastuctures such as clean water supply and sewarage drainage systems are constructed.

Giving an example, evacuation can be done for the people living in the square between Karume Junction, Buguruni, Tazara and Chang'ombe traffic lights. The Government agency (NHC or Pension funds or joint program) construct about five to ten large high rising structures like the Benjamen Mkapa Tower, which are enough to accomodate all the people in that area.

All the people in that square are given an appartment to stay in those ten buildings. The rest of the area is demolished and high rising structures are built in the remaining area of the square, and accomodate people from another square as well. This evacuation and reconstruction process can go on until the whole city status changes.

The appartments are not given free of charge like NHC ones. People buy them using special policies and guidelines by the agency and the mortgage bank.

People working on new skyscrapers in the area that was previously a squatter


Implementation of "Executive transport system" whereby private companies will be allowed to operate executive bus business which have well planned schedules and which are neat, with air conditions etc. Even though the charge will be TZS 3,000 from Tegeta and Mbezi Beach (or TZS 6,000 return ticket), people will pay the fare so long as they are sure of getting the transport on time and without scrumbling.

My take on this: I think the second option is a long term solution for the woes of Dar's transport, housing and sanitation problems. Wewe unaonaje au unafikiriaje?



At 9:21 AM, Blogger Fadhy Mtanga said...

Nina wasiwasi kama wahusika wana hata muda wa kuyasoma mawazo ya wananchi sisi.
Aliyetoa mawazo haya ni kichwa kweli kweli.

At 6:49 AM, Blogger chib said...

@ Fadhy....Wanaweza kuwa wanasoma lakini wanajifanya hawaoni!!!


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